Stefan Klaus

Stefan Klaus

I started skydiving back in 1996 after being inspired by the movie Terminal Velocity. I did my first jump in San Diego, California and was hooked right away. At a skydive event in Arizona I was introduced to skysurfing, which blew my mind! I was sure that was what I wanted to do. I went back to San Diego, packed my bags, went back to Arizona and started skysurfing shortly after.

In 1997, I went back to Arizona to seriously train with a coach. I started competing in the SSI Pro Skysurfing tour and got a silver medal at the World Championship in Turkey, right behind my coach.

During the next few years we traveled the world, trained and participated in every competition where we could get a few bucks. My biggest achievement was the Silver Medal in 1999 and Gold Medal in 2000 at the ESPN X-Games. Shortly after that ESPN dropped skysurfing, which was a bummer. I continued to compete until 2003. Nowadays skysurfing and skydiving is my hobby, which I love!



Current Residence: Whistler, BC Canada
3800 Skysurf
2500 Video
2400 Freefly
200 Canopypiloting
200 RW
105 Mountainswooping
50 Wingsuit
42 Basejumps

Career Highlights


2nd Place Skysurf World Championship Gap France
1st Place Swiss Nationals Freefly Sitterdorf
1st Place Swiss Nationals Skysurf Sitterdorf


1st Place Red Bull Antigravity Skysurf Competition Poland
2nd Place World Cup Skysurfing Ampuria Brava Spain
2nd Place European Championship Ampuria Brava Spain
1st Place Swiss Nationals Skysurfing

1st Place Swiss Nationals Freefly

1st Place ESPN X-Games San Francisco US
“Demo” X-Games Melbourne Australia
1st Place ESPN X-Games Tokyo Japan

2nd Place ESPN X-Games San Diego USA
1st Place ESPN SSI Open Titusville USA
4th Place World Championship Skysurfing Corowa Australia

1st Place US Nationals Elsinore USA
4th Place ESPN X-Games Oceanside USA
4th Place US Open Perris Valley
3rd Place Swiss Nationals Grenchen
4th Place Skysurf Worldcup Evora Portugal
3rd Place Skysurf European Championship Evora Portugal

2nd Place Skysurf World Championship Turkey
2nd Place Swiss Skysurf Nationals Sitterdorf
8th Place SSI Pro Tour Ampfing Germany
2nd Place Nestle Skysurf Cup Comburiu Brazil
2nd Place Nestle Skysurf Cup Rio de Janiero Brazil
6th Place SSI Pro Tour Gruyere Switzerland
4th Place World Nature Games Brasil
14th Place SSI Pro Tour Monterey Bay USA

Demo Injumps:

Ski FIS Worldchampionship St.Moritz Airshow
American Soccer Final Washington DC Game Ball Delivery
Baseball Game San Francisco Gameball Delievery
College Footbal Game San Francisco Game Ball Delivery Berkeley-Harvard
IFS Volleyball Worldtour Santa Cruz Gameball Delivery

Playgravity Movie, flying down the Eiger in Switzerland
TV Commercial Worldwide Skysurfing Peugeot 206 Car
Skysurf stunts with snowboards for US Movie in New Zealand
TV Show for NTV German Newschannel in Spain
Was passiert wenn? German TV Show